Zine05: Times have changed (2024)

Eist fënneft “Zine” (Kuerzform vu Magazine) fir den 8. Mäerz kann hei rofgeluede ginn oder an eisem Atelier am Bâtiment4 zu Esch ofgeholl ginn.

INTRO – Times have changed

It is the 8th of March 2024, and we still live in a world, and a country, that is set up to grind us down. No matter who we are, we need an intersectional (Glossary: Intersectionality p. 51), feminist, queer, anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist and pro-climate movement more than ever. With this zine, we want to focus on realities and fights that are not centered often enough. We want to show you that if we do not fight for the freedom of all of us, we are fighting for the oppression of some of us. We need a united movement with clear and direct actions (Our demands, p. 62). We need to keep going until we free all of us, and if you haven’t started yet, you need to join us – NOW.

This becomes ever more clear as we witness world-shaking massacres, orchestrated by a Europe that watches on in silence while the far-right rises to new heights. These systems and ideologies have far too long been allowed to grow, fester and multiply in Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, high-ranked politicians are able to aggress women in public space and walk away unscathed. Rape culture is alive and well and most victims of sexual assault know with certainty that if they seek justice, they will not win, but lose their hope and safety in the process. In Luxembourg, there isn’t even a public statistical framework to record homo- or transphobic attacks, or femicides. In Luxembourg, we speak of multiculturality and diversity while we treat people of colour, refugees and immigrants like second-class citizens. As white (pseudo)feminists (>Glossary: White Feminism, p. 15) get comfortable in positions of power, the needs and struggles of those in the margins and intersections are still ignored (Le problème avec l’intersectionnalité, p. 30). There is no end in sight for trans people seeking respect (Glossary: TERFs, p. 20), better access to health care (Trans Healthcare, p. 16) and legal recognition. The number of queer safe(r) spaces (Glossary: Safer Space p. 33) in this country can be counted on one hand (Queering Public Spaces and Nightlife, p. 8).

This country’s leaders have a horrible way of twisting words into meaninglessness, delaying life-saving decisions indefinitely, and appropriating any movement they can into a cash-generating hype machine (Political Bullshit vs Real Talk, p. 38). Our representation in the media is either nonexistent or utterly disrespectful (RTL and LGBTQI+ Representation, p. 36). Our biggest feminist platform is whitewashed, co-opted by political parties and diluted to empty gestures once a year (JIF’s demands and what we think of them, p. 60). There is no space for critical reflection in the mainstream (Glossary: Kanonerweiterung als feministische Aufklärung, p. 17). Where is our culture, our reflex for resistance? Where is the civil disobedience, the interruption of business as usual, the solidarity in action?

It’s not that no one is doing anything about all of this. There are people who fight against racism and white supremacy (Orgas: Lëtz Rise Up, p. 31). There are people who oppose the genocide and make their voices heard (Orgas Waassermeloun, p. 54). There are people taking on the giant task of collecting and recording gender-based discrimination (Orgas: LEQGF, p. 13). There are queer artists who do the hard work of queering up the Greater Region (Orgas: House of St Trinity, p. 22) and queer people organising film screenings to create their own representation (Orgas: queer loox, p. 50). There are students creating their own queer community in spite of a bigoted university (Orgas: uni.lu LGBT+ students’ association, p. 43). There are a few safe spaces where we can exist as we are and seek help (Orgas: CIGALE, p. 18), where we can party in safety (Safer Night, p. 58) and euphoria (Orgas: Gebeess Houeren, p. 34). Slowly, but surely, we are building our own world (Orgas: Déi Aner, p. 52). Today, on the 8th of March 2024, we are launching and opening up a new alliance for multi-directional resistance and activism in Luxembourg (Orgas: Megaphone, p. 46). Refuse to let capitalism, the patriarchy and white supremacy keep us apart. Let this real-life dystopia bring us together. And let’s never stop fighting!

Yours in rage,

The Richtung22 Queerfeminist Working Group (p. 66)

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